Better, faster, smarter. Improving the payment process.

From Experience Comes Innovation
Input from high-volume billers providing electric, water, natural gas, telecommunications, cable, and other services was used to create our state-of-the-art processing system. Our service is so unique that we patented the process (U.S. Patent No. 7,627,524).

We know what is important to our clients and customers. The architecture and performance of our system reflects their need for fast, accurate payments.

Kiosk, Telephone and Internet Payment Options
Whether out and about or at home, customers gain the flexibility to pay "their way." Our clients (high volume billers) save substantially on the rising costs of receiving payments while offering customers unprecedented convenience and service.

Corporate Highlights

  • Privately held company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Own and operate nearly 850+ kiosks in 31 states
  • Extensive payment processing experience with prepaid metering programs
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Servce Provider
  • Patented software
  • Mastercard RPPS originator and concentrator