Make the most of retail customer service.
Easy and Secure

The PaySite® Kiosk—with easy-to-use touch screen, this multi-biller system allows customers to pay over 40 different billers, right in your store.

The Self-Service Solution That Never Rests
PaySite® kiosks provide 24-hour, automated access for the ultimate in self-serve convenience. Retail employees never have to be involved.

Attracting Customers – and Sales
Independent research shows PaySite® kiosks increase foot traffic. Approximately 50% of the customers who use in-store kiosks are directed to them by the utilities with the sole intention of making a payment. The research also indicates that 25% of those customers make a purchase in the store, with the purchase averaging over $25. U.S. Payments may promote these results by advertising the benefits and locations of kiosks in utility bill inserts and sometimes through radio and print advertising.